Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions. See below.
Frequently Asked Questions (faq)
Where are the interface plugs?

In order to see if we can make a loom for your car, you need to check to see if your Amarok has the interface plugs. Not all V6's have them. Grab a torch and have a look up under the dash. If they're in your car, they can be found above the accelerator pedal, under the dashboard and near the firewall. Probably covered in black tape. If you have an early 4 cylinder, there are three plugs. If you have a late 4 cylinder or a V6 then there are two plugs, which are green and blue.

For late cars only: if you find them we need a good, clear photo of them showing the wiring going into the plugs. Not just a photo of the plugs, expose the wiring going into them.

You will need to pull the plugs out of the tape/wrapping to do this.

Why do you need to see the plugs?

VW vary in how they wire up the late cars. If we make the looms one way there's a good chance they won't work in your car.

Why do I need plugs?

Our looms plug into them. No plugs = no loom.

My car doesn't have plugs, now what?

If you're in Melbourne we can do installations in house. We do not ship as it's then not a plug and play possibility. Then you need someone like Peter with advanced VW wiring knowledge to install the components.

Do your looms have anything to do with the CANBUS?

No. No programming required. They merely plug into your interface plugs and off you go.

Do you sell lights/brake controllers/chargers etc?

No. Just what you see for sale on our site; looms, clips, connectors, terminals, terminal tools.

What can I expect from a loom of yours?

A very straight forward installation. Each component is clearly labelled to show you where it needs to go. Our looms look OEM and just fit right in.

How can I install into the cabin of the Amarok?

Go to the passenger side of the car and reach up above the carpet/mat along the firewall. You'll come across a rubber gromit. You can see it on the lower right hand side looking into the engine bay. That's a good spot to get switches and cables through into the cabin.

I have replaced my early Amarok with a late one. Can I reuse my loom?

The interface plugs are different, so no. You'll need a new loom to suit the wiring in your new Rok. We need a photo of those plugs because we don't know how VW wired your Amarok in the late models. The production line didn't change the wiring in the early Amaroks, so all the early looms are wired one way. We cannot do that with the late ones unfortunately.

I bought another late Amarok. Can I reuse my loom from my other Amarok (late model) in the other vehicle?

Check with us first! We ask for a photo of the plugs to see how your car is wired. The other car may not be wired the same and then the loom won't work.

When can I book my car in for installation?

Peter works a full time job and does this after hours. Installations are only done on some weekends, but must be booked in advance. Email us to see when he'll be available.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes but only by appointment as we are not there 24/7. Email to see when that can be arranged. We are located in Oakleigh, Victoria. Generally after hours weekdays or weekends is when pickups can be booked for.

How much do you charge for installation?

In house work is $100 per hour, minimum three hours. Times can vary depending on what you need done. In order to save you time and money have all the components installed in the vehicle before arrival eg bull bar, canopy, nudge bar etc.

Due to the COVID_19 virus, we will not be doing any installations in house in the near future. We will still be making and posting out looms and parts! Pick up is not available until further notice.

Can I add in to my existing loom?

Email us with the details and Peter will see if it is possible. You are better off getting all options done at once, as it's not always easy to add in extra components to an installed loom.

Will you ship outside of Australia?

Yes but you need to check whether or not your Amarok has the plugs first. Regardless of engine size. We'll need photos of them. Drop us an email if you're chasing a loom and you don't live in Australia.
Frequently Asked Questions. See below.
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